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Water bladder for bridge pressure test

Water bladder for bridge pressure test

Product Description

   The bridge pre-pressed water bladder  is made of high-strength polyester fiber coated with double-layer PVC film and is compounded at high temperature. It is resistant to low temperature

ultraviolet rays, and has a long service life. When the bladder is empty, it is easy to carry and easy

to operate. You only needs to place the empty water bladder on the pre-pressing part, and then

fill it with water . Due to the advantages of simple, accurate, low cost and reusable water bladder

testing, it will be an ideal choice for bridge preloading in the future.

   At present, in the construction stage of a large number of highways and railways in domestic

and foreign, the preload test of bridge load is a key work in the inspection of engineering quality.

The general traditional method is to use iron cans or sandbags to pile up on the bridge to carry

out the actual pressure test. It takes a lot of manpower and material resources to transport these

large and load-bearing items from the low place to the bridge. and it is more time-consuming and

 laborious on the site with poor construction. It can only be completed by using heavy lifting and

handling equipment, and there are certain labor safety hazards.The use of pvc soft foldable water

bladder for pre-pressing can solve those problems,It can save manpower and material resources.

It is safe and Reliable, It can reduce costs  and shorten construction time.


Installation requirements and after-sales service

1. Before laying the bridge pre-pressurized water bag, it is necessary to inspect and clean the

stacking area. The ground should be flat and clean, and sharp objects such as stones and iron nails

are not allowed, so as to avoid damage to the bag body and cause water leakage.

2. When laying, first lay a mat, and then spread the bridge pre-pressed water bladder evenly.

Fill it with water after installation.

3. If the bag body is accidentally damaged, the supplier will provide the fabric and maintenance

technology free of charge.


Water bladder for bridge pressure test
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