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PVC swimming pool, fish tank

PVC swimming pool, fish tank

The pvc pool and fish tank are made of PVC coated fabric or knife scraping fabric as the pool body, with PVC plastic pipe, galvanized steel pipe or stainless steel pipe as the frame.

Application: aquaculture, swimming pools, fire and disaster relief pools, etc.

Installation requirements and after-sales service

1. Before laying PVC swimming pools or fish tanks, the stacking area should be checked and cleaned. The ground should be flat and clean, and sharp objects such as stones and iron nails are not allowed, so as not to damage the bag body and cause water leakage.

2. When laying, first lay a mat, and then spread the water  pool evenly. Fill it with water after


3. If the tank body is accidentally damaged, the supplier will provide the fabric and maintenance

technology free of charge.


PVC swimming pool, fish tank
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