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PVC Soundproof Fabric

PVC Soundproof Fabric

PVC Soundproof Fabric

Product description:

PVC Soundproof Tarpaulin is made of pvc laminated fabric or pvc coated fabric, usually used as protection parts in scaffolding system, which has functions of flame retardant, noise barrier, dust-proof, wind-proof.

Product features:

- PVC Soundproof Tarpaulin is made of pvc laminated fabric or pvc coated fabric, high-strength polyester + PVC coating, with high strength.

- Antimony trioxide flame retardant added to PVC film, it has good flame retardancy.   

-The fabric is soft and light, convenient for transportation and construction.

-The color is mostly gray or dark color, resistant to dirt, PVC fabric is waterproof, easy to clean and can be used repeatedly.

-When in use, it is bound outside the scaffold, and the extra edge covers the gap between parts to make the building as a whole sealed, playing the role of sound insulation, dust prevention, sand prevention, wind prevention, fall prevention, winter heat preservation and other safety protection.

Technical Indexes:


500D/9×9 500GSM, 500D/9×9 600GSM
     1000D/9×9 1000GSM, 1000D/9×9 1200GSM
     500D/24×24 560GSM, 1300D/16×16 1150GSM


1.8m×3.4m, 1.5m×3.4m, 1.2m×3.4m, 0.9m×3.4m, 0.6m×3.4m
     1.8m×5.1m, 1.5m×5.1m, 1.2m×5.1m, 0.9m×5.1m, 0.6m×5.1m
     1.8m×5.4m, 1.5m×5.4m, 1.2m×5.4m, 0.9m×5.4m, 0.6m×5.4m
     1.8m×6.3m, 1.5m×6.3m, 1.2m×6.3m, 0.9m×6.3m, 0.6m×6.3m


gray, blue


All the special sizes and colors can be made according to the customers’ requirement.



PVC Soundproof Fabric
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